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FREE Vintage Coin Patterns! - Six different coins, 12 different patterns in all (front and back of each coin)

Make coasters, trivets, group them in a horizontal arrangement to make a coat hanger, or pool cue rack, etc.. Use your imagination and have fun!


Free Coin Patterns!

FREE "How It Works" Scanning Probe Video! - View the Flash video to see how the Scanning Probe for the CompuCarve™/ CarveWright™ machine works. The video takes you from scanning an object (a seashell) to uploading the scan into the pattern editor and saving the pattern into your Favorites Library in the Designer software.

Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Scanning Probe "How It Works" Video

FREE Banana Pattern! - This link takes you to our Fruit Pattern page. You'll find the free banana there!

FREE Banana!
FREE Acorn Patterns! - This link takes you to our Plant Objects page. You'll find the free Acorns there!
FREE Acorns!
FREE Custom Backgrounds for your Designer software - (click on the pic at right to enlarge) - These are twelve 512x512 jpg's that you can use for board backgrounds. Simply download, unzip, then copy the files you like to "C:\Program Files\CarveWright\woods1". You will then have these custom backgrounds available in the "Pine" section of your Board Settings - Stain/Finish selections.
FREE Download
Twelve Custom Backgrounds "CustomBackgrounds1"
FREE Set of 4 Shape Patterns! - The link takes you to our Simple Shapes page where you can download some free shapes to use to your heart's content!

Set includes - heart2, floralshape, circledots and rectanglewithoval

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